Alberta Legislature Lights

After laying low due to a bug that just wouldn’t go away, and keeping activity to a minimum, it gave me great pleasure to venture outdoors after the temperature rose twenty degrees and life became manageable again. I enjoyed taking photos and found myself experimenting with exposure modes, composition, zooming and panning and white balance.

The Alberta legislature grounds is a great place to explore, with a wealth of subject matter during the holiday season. When I felt cold I went into the front entrance under the dome and listened to a men’s chorus sing seasonal and Christmas hymns and carols, followed by a handbell choir. That made the nostalgia and tradition of Christmas come alive for me.

There is also a menorah on the grounds of the legislature that will be lit in observance of the Jewish holiday Hannukah, starting , I am guessing, on the eve of the 24th.I have always wanted to attend the ceremony and hope to make it this year.

Here is a sample of the wonder of the lights. I went two nights, the first after 5:30 p.m. when it was dark and the second just after sunset at 4:10p.m.

This view is looking at the front entranceleg-lights-64-2

This is the opposite view left of the front steps.leg-lights-6-3

from the east side of the treeleg-lights-55-2

panned view of display in front of the main buildingleg-lights-27-2


This is from the second night, an hour earlier and taken a little more to the left from the previous night.However the dome lights were not on.img_0145-3

I love the sky when it is this shade of blue.img_0178-2


4 thoughts on “Alberta Legislature Lights

    1. Yes! My energy picked up and I proceeded to overdo things, got tired and rested again. On my way to Christmas eve service to usher and do a reading at the family service and look forward to seeing the kiddies, then off to friends for snacks.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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