Reviewing Photos

I have been looking for photos that I could put on cards and send to friends and have procrastinated about sorting them so it always is a mad dash as I rush to find them so I can get them printed. At the time that I take the photos I think it will be easy to find, but after accumulating about 30,000 (how did THAT happen?) it is not as easy as I thought. I find myself thinking, ” I really like that photo of such and such…now where is it?”

My files are chronological as well as categorical.My biggest folder is the collection of Birds then sub folders of species.Admittedly I lose some in the process of uploading when one file will wipe out another one with the same number. I also have folders for my favourite locations with sub-folders of different dates. I do find that to be a good way to find files rather than just trying to remember what month I went to a certain location or took a photo of that duck.

After a bit of searching  and deleting I  have a new folder named “Greeting Cards” that consist of pleasing images that might look good  on a card. It sounds simple but I have to stay on top of it, letting go of some and adding others.Also cards could be put into groups for gifts.Maybe you would like to share with me how you manage your folders and files.

Now that this much is done, I wanted to share some of these images with you.They are a mix of animals, birds and landscapes.









15 thoughts on “Reviewing Photos

  1. Oh boy. I can relate to your filing system travails. I’ve never found a fool proof way to categorize & file my images. All these are spectacular, especially the herd of buffalo and the snowy mountains behind the stream. But I love, love, love that baby duck!

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  2. I love the greeting card folder idea, Jane! I actually do my filing very similar to yours. And I have many dated folders of photos to still go through and delete or file. I too wonder how I accumulated so many, lol. I absolutely adore the duckling, a baby bird or animal always steals my heart. The mountain scene is so serene and quite beautiful too. Love them all, well done!


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