Elk Island National Park

We needed a respite from the news and the problems of the world so my friend and I drove to one of my favourite places, Elk Island National Park about 45 minutes east of Edmonton Alberta. When we started out it was heavily overcast in mid-afternoon but the skies cleared and we were treated to the  sun. It was warm at times when we got away from the winds  that blew off the lake and into the protection of the woods, where we followed some trails.


We stepped just off the trail to see the sights and take some close-up shots.



There were good conditions for the golden hour as the sun started to set.


This had the makings of a great sunset but we didn’t stick around as we were on the look-out for bison, and we spent time at a couple of beaver ponds.


The beaver at one pond were very busy with about three of them swimming back and forth, hauling saplings to a new lodge, perhaps ones that this year’s kits had built.


We saw a few bison but it was getting  dark and I got motion blur but one photo was to my liking as a bull wandered into the woods.untitled-76-2

We made our way down the parkway,stopping beside marshes to capture the sunsets.untitled-78-2

One shot looking back to where we had come from.untitled-83-3

We returned home where I could nurse my cold and enjoy a warm mug of cocoa. It was a good day and going later wasn’t a bad idea at all considering the variety in light conditions.


11 thoughts on “Elk Island National Park

    1. Hi Laura; “golden hour” is a common term used by photographers for the golden glow around sunset. Thanks for joining me in the journey. The election stirred up the pot both north and south of the border, bringing up harsh thoughts and opinions.Wishing us all peace within..

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  1. Thanks Donna, for your compliment. Elk Island is one for the bison east of Edmonton.West to Jasper is home to lots of Elk, great birds, Rocky Mountain Sheep,Mountain goats, Wolves, coyotes, bear(black and Grizzley),mountain lions or cougars,etc.etc. You will love it. Definitely recommend that you travel from Jasper south along the Icefields Parkway to Banff and Lake Louise. and even west to BC Check out Darwin Wiggett’s ebooks which give you best times and locations.I also suggest you look at Lightscapes Nature Photography(He travelled along these roads and gives best times for captures and shares his research and approach to his photos.) No guarantees you will see anything although early morning and late afternoon are good possibilites and parkstaff are knowledgeable.

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