Hanging Out at the Salvage Yard

Hanging out at an auto salvage yard is not something that I would picture myself doing in the the past but the first  foray to this site a few years ago with my camera club got me hooked and have been making the trip almost every year, since it is one of the camera club’s and my favourite outings.
Whether wide angles of old cars in a field or close-ups of rust and peeling paint, there are so many ways to see and express what is in an auto salvage yard.I enjoy exploring the fields, especially the rusted out relics, but this time access was somewhat limited, despite rubber boots, because of the massive amounts of mud from snow melt and rainfall.

wider-angle study in greyuntitled-52-2

some close-ups of some old farm equipment intrigued mejanechesebroughaldon-split-complements-55-2

The shapes of the relic grills with Steve in the headlightuntitled-70-2 I explored the textures of this old truck with wooden sidesjanechesebrough-aldonabstract-22-2


untitled-21-2patterns of wheel rims on racksuntitled-26-4

Yes, it was muddy out there! Some whole roadways looked like this.Just about lost my boots more than once and admit it stopped me from going further out in the field. untitled-13-3


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