Outside the Window

A few days ago I sat in the chair by my friend’s window to observe the birds coming to the feeders and the giant sunflower heads set out on the table. I could hear the Blue Jays call as they arrived and I was not successful at getting them at the seed heads because they flew away just as quickly as they appeared, but did manage to get pictures of them when they were foraging on the ground.


There are a few feeders in the backyard and it appeared that the birds staked out their territory. The chickadees mostly came to the feeder just outside the window, the sparrows to one on the porch, the juncos and jays on the ground.

I caught this Black-Capped  Chickadee on the branch just a couple of feet away.


One surprise was having a pileated Woodpecker fly up to the window a foot away so the photo has reflections and too close for good quality, but I am putting it here as a note to what I saw.


Dark-Eyed Junco (Slate-coloured)untitled-47-2

I got some nice shots of the lowly House Sparrow because even though they are so numerous and feral, they do have nice markings.Here is one of the female.


and the maleuntitled-9-2

Just one more photo, I want to show you the sunflower heads.I found them to be an interesting subject as well.



10 thoughts on “Outside the Window

  1. Lovely images. I find birds very difficult to photograph. They are so elusive. And yet, so beautiful, even ubiquitous house sparrows. Well done. I also love how you captured the spent sunflower in repose.


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