Autumn Bliss

A few people that I know have commented on the fast arrival of fall with the leaves changing quickly. Mind you , I make and hear this comment every year and can’t help but wonder if it is age that makes seasons seem a little faster. What makes the leaves change colour isn’t the frost, as I originally thought but the amount of light in a day.Then again I wonder there is something to this “quick autumn” because we sure had an early spring.The grass and trees still  look good although a lot of leaves have fallen.As usual in life , I will just “take it as it comes”.

Here are some photos from around the river valley of  Edmonton.Most of the yellow colours come from the Aspens and the few reds that we get are from the Crabapple, Manitoba Maples and Highbush Cranberries.I am grateful for that.





9 thoughts on “Autumn Bliss

  1. I can’t imagine life without aspens and maples. Fall seems rather leisurely here this year. I think, as you hint, it is more our perception of time than it is the speed of the season, but the maple in front of my house is still very green, although a few leaves have turned. Usually when a few turn it is a matter of days before the color explodes. I also have a suspicion that the amount of water the trees get during the summer impacts the behavior of the fall leaves. In particularly dry years, it seems that the leaves sort of dry up on the stem and fall off before they get the chance to wear their fall ball gowns.


    1. We did have a very drought-like spring that started early and then ddays of continual rain in the summer, so…Today it is -3 celsius and maybe snow is coming. i love your reference to the leaves wearing their ball gowns.

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