Awesome Colours

At a woman’s  retreat last weekend we had great activities indoors and did what we could to get outside and commune with nature with her coloured leaves, cool air, and a mix of sun and rain.With the topic being about life’s undulations, we were certainly in the midst of nature’s rythym with the change of weather as summer comes to a close.

The rainy days brought gray skies with intensity of colour in the wet foilage and the sunny days brought  yellow leaves and blue skies into its complimentary brilliance.

I delighted in the variety of mushrooms in this area, all poisonous but very photographable.A group of us went pole-walking down a slight incline that seems bigger than the last time I was here in the early 2000’s-to the creek that meanders through the property. There was much to enjoy, nature itself as well as the company of women from our church.I know there will be more colour but I wanted to grab these images before the wind blows the leaves off the trees.









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