My Nephew’s Game

There will be occasional posts that digress from my Nature Photography theme and this is one of them.I was thrilled to find out that my nephew John was coming west for the President’s Cup Championship in Senior B Men’s  Lacrosse. We have not seen each other in 7 years. I showed up at the arena  thanks to my friend Diane, who drove me, since I no longer have a car and the tournament is a little ways out of town.It was her first experience watching Lacrosse and she loved it!

Just a minute into the Leduc Recreation Centre, who do I see but my former sister-in-law, Sue ! She and I hadn’t seen each other for 17 years! There was lots of hugging and she introduced me to my nephew’s fiance, Sara whom I had not met before. Then I saw my nephew after the game and there were more hugs and pictures. It was a busy week and we texted back and forth when I couldn’t attend a game-that was almost as tense as being there, especially when both teams were alternating scores almost every minute. The Brooklin Merchants, my nephew’s team, lost the semi-final game to St. Albert Miners who hosted the event but I did get back to see the  game for the bronze medal against the Native Sons. Both teams put out a great heart and effort, but am excited to say the Merchants won 13-10 !

Eating together, taking photos and attending the awards ceremony was fun, then we said our good-byes and each went his or her own way, either to other relatives in Alberta, back home to Ontario or for me, back home to Edmonton.My nephew had won two MVP’s  and a First Team All-Star Trophy and I am proud of him and the Brooklin Merchants. It was a great weekend, full of fast action and excitement! Seeing family again makes me feel so happy and I really enjoyed watching Lacrosse, too.My apologies for poor quality photos, just not enough light to get that shutter speed high enough to capture the action.More games, more practice.

Though in this game our team lost, John made some great saves.untitled-182

Brooklin Merchants score a goal against the St. Albert Miners.untitled-57


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