A New Beginning for Our Hockey Town

For years there has been a discussion or more truthfully, arguments between city counsellors and the public over the Rogers Place hockey arena that was proposed years ago.It cost billions but we are a hockey town and needed a new home for the Edmonton Oilers. The arena now has been built and to celebrate, the owners and managers held an open house for the public. I lucked-out and with over 50,000 other people got free tickets to see this place. It is a work of art and the people who planned it were true visionaries.The workers are still there and probably will be for some time to come as the whole neighbourhood is undergoing growth and change.

The entry is a grand one, with a walk into the Ford Hall where an amazingly beautiful mosaic circle has been created by nationally-acclaimed aboriginal artist Alex Janvier, a piece called Tsa Tsa Ke K’e or Iron Foot Place. It speaks of Edmonton’s history as a gathering place and honours the land , the sky and stories of the area and clear waters from the mountains.

This part of the building called Ford Hall goes right over 104 Avenue. For this opening we entered a “portal” from 103 Avenue and 103 Street because the builders are still constructing.rogers-97-3


The seating around the ice is something to see especially the suites, theatres and loges. But the star attraction was the huge HDR Screen, the largest in the National Hockey league at measurements of 46 feet by 46 feet.I sat briefly in the loges to watch it and heard someone comment that it was like sitting in your living room watching TV.There is good sound from this big screen, too.rogers-41-2

The sweet seats or suite seats at the bottom of this photo and above that nice luxurious leather chairs.rogers-73-2

Close-up of the logesrogers-71-2 I love the achitecture with its flowing linesrogers-45-2

As you can see outside, the whole neighbourhood is developing.rogers-59-2

One of the comfortable lounges that are located around the arena, on all three levels from quick take-out to upscale dining.rogers-61-2



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