Rising Waters

There’s nothing that will get people outdoors like a warning to stay away from the river due to possible flooding. It is one of those natural phenomenons that draw people out to see one of the forces of nature. I was one of many that had to see the rising waters caused by a rainstorm that dumped over 160mm in one night west of Edmonton..One friend told me her relative checked their rain gauge and it was over 5 inches.I was safety-conscious, keeping back from banks that may have been carved away underneath by the swiftly flowing water.I have seen the river water higher in occasional springs when the valley was flooded but it still was awe-inspiring with the swift water and the debris it carried.

I did see two kayakers out there and felt that if they needed emergency services help, they should be rescued then fined.Here are some photos I took from a safe distance.I have never seen such lush green scenery and  at this time of year compared to the usual.And though it draws out my curiousity and stirs up some excitement, I saw people who were worried, and rightly so , about their property or belongings. And I sympathize with those elsewhere who have received monstrous damage and heartache in the big floods that have happened this year globally.

As I post this, the waters peaked last night at midnight and the danger has passed for now.I sure would like the rain to stop so farmers can get their bumper crops out of the fields.All this after extreme drought conditions for weeks last spring.

I feel for this owner who has his large boat moored in the river.Emily Murphy-175-2

Water parting around the bridgeEmily Murphy-138-2

Trees and bushes were submergedEmily Murphy-172-2

Usually the water is at least 12 feet below the bottom of this culvert.Emily Murphy-3-2


2 thoughts on “Rising Waters

    1. I find it exciting but know that that can turn to dread and subsequent loss.Glad that you are high up, but hope not too close to the edge.We lost a few of the houses high up one year for that reason.Thanks for visiting and commenting, Tom.


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