Creatures on the Trail

They are out there along the wooded trail, sometimes stealthily sneaking away and sometimes sneaking close to have a peak. If you are alert, you will see them but I can’t help but wonder how many more are there that we miss.Others are just as curious as the people and come close for a greeting, probably hoping for hand-outs.Often the city trails  have feeders on them which makes it easy to get close to a lot of the birds, but can be vexing when I want a shot with my zoom lens and the chickadees land on the lens or tripod. Too close!

On a cold winter’s day I have held some seed in my hand and enjoyed them coming to me. At this point, I must say, “Please, people, do not feed bread!” I did it as a child but since have learned it is not good for them, in fact it is harmful.Some of the reasons we are having problems with blue-green algae is from all the bread that goes into the water.It creates nasty bateria and water becomes toxic.Ducks can getsomething called “Angel Wing” and it will kill them! I see one person showing up with a whole loaf of bread. Multiply that by how much , regardless of the signs that tell you not to feed the wildlife.Scary.

For photography purposes, as well as for observation, I prefer not to feed them. It is quite enjoyable to observe the birds and squirrels in their natural behaviour and usually there is plenty of food provided by Mother Nature.

This is who dropped in for a visit during the last hike.Unfortunately the photos are blurred, which tells me that I need more practise! Next time, soon, I hope to find more migrating birds as well, especially warblers.

Red SquirrelEmily Murphy-24-2

Cedar Waxwing (at least I found one migrating bird)Emily Murphy-52-2

Red-breasted NuthatchEmily Murphy-22-2

Black-Capped ChickadeeEmily Murphy-23-2


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