Hanging Out with the Cormorants

Would the Cormorants and Pelicans still be there? I decided to find out and took a bus to this storm-fed lake in the north part of the city of Edmonton. Was happy to see a American White Pelican fishing along the shoreline, then join the crew of Cormorants on the raft at the north end of the lake. The Cormorants make deep gutteral sounds and sit facing the same direction with their cheeks vibrating. The pelican made a deep sound but gentler than its smaller companions.The baby grebes were grown up but still had the striped faces and were still being fed by a parent. Also had plenty of juvenile ducks and gulls to keep me company as we all lazed in the warmth of the sun on this hot day. Very relaxing and enjoyable for all, I believe.

Everybody on!Beaumaris-0112-2

This mallard was checking me out!Beaumaris-0022-2

Red-Necked Grebe feeding OffspringBeaumaris-0062-2

Immature Gull, possibly Ring-billedBeaumaris-0078-2

Nice Stretch

Up and Coming Heart throbBeaumaris-0110-2

Oh, Yes!Beaumaris-0113-2


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