Happy Canada Day


Happy 149 years! I saw the light coming through the window today and it glowed, although that is not apparent here. I thought of our national flag-the only photo I took on Canada Day.

It wasn’t a big party for me this year. The people I usually spend time with went somewhere else, actually to a location that had tornado warnings but I know they were safe. I did join a friend at Churchill Square in front of City Hall to listen to music that was enjoyable and part of Jazz City festival. We sampled some vanilla fudge which was less sweet but confess I missed the less healthy  brown sugar and butter mix. It was still very good. There was art all around as part of the Works Visual Arts festival but I was not into the crowds and my friend’s pace is so different from mine-I end up following her as she strides forward-and it is not in my nature to be a follower. I am more of a meanderer so I quickly lost interest in trying to keep up.

It was a quiet day and evening. The weather was “iffy” in the evening and I did not want to get wet and sick. I am proud to be Canadian and live with the freedom that we have. No symbolism in the lack of a maple leaf, because the leaves are outside. I love the outdoors but it is nice to “cosy-up” at home too. Even on Canada Day.



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