A Timely Respite

After finishing unpacking my last box, I joined some members of one of our church groups for a retreat at a cottage. The weather was challenging at times and I was happy that I took layers of clothing for all conditions. The first two days were cold  and windy, then hot and sunny. It was a haven for birds and also for me – a little bit of heaven! All the necessities of moving and the uncertainty and stress gave me little time for birding and nature jaunts-I felt I had missed the month of May and this is a prime birding month.

This weekend away gave me time to catch up to my fine feathered friends, a chance to interact with other people and eat meals together, as well as commune with nature. There was lots of laughter as well as informative talks and time spent in solitude. Perfect.

I was like an attentive dog on squirrel alert when I was watching the feeder for appearances of the hummingbirds and the photos got better as the time progressed and I improved my aperture adjustments. The warblers were ever present but not easy to spot and the shots not clearly focused due to distance and unsteadyness. Here are some of my photos from the weekend:

American White Pelican


Song Sparrow


Ruby-throated Hummingbird(female)


Yellow Warbler


Pair of Blue-winged Teals


Yellow Goldfinch(male)


Ruby-throated Hummingbird (male)


Damsel fly



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