A New Home

Altogether I was homeless for three weeks-a very traumatic time in my life and have not even begun to process much as I was just in survival mode. A special thank you to Diane and Bill’s family who opened their doors to me and fed me during that time. My new home is a bachelor apartment in the basement of a very old building, with three foot high windows and lots of trees and birds, even a back yard. There is a hanging hook above the sink in in the kitchen in front of the window where I hung my chimes. A plant keeps company with a couple of rocks on the sill. I like the “feel” of this place, close to nature trails and transportation. I have been blessed with furniture being spontaneously dropped off by friends and acquaintances. Will have to get a curtain rod and window dressings of some sort for privacy. My computer is up and running, not too smoothly and a little cranky, like myself.

Unfortunately the library where I am writing from does not support jpeg, so at this time I cannot post any photos.

It felt so good to make my first cup of coffee this morning and just sit and enjoy it. All my needs are met and I hope to get out and take photos and get my bicycle back so I can ride it in the neighbourhood-lots of trails around here. There will be plenty to do regarding figuring out what kind of work to do and what direction I am meant to move toward in time. For now I am “taking it easy.”

Thank you all for your love, thoughts and acts of kindness. I couldn’t do it without you.

Picture 044-3


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