More on the Fire

The fire has moved away from Fort McMurray while firefighters struggle to put out “hot spots” in the city and 200 fight the fire that is heading into the boreal forest. It has grown to 100,000 hectares, or 386 Square miles. With high temperatures and winds, forecasts are that the size of the fire  may double tomorrow.

Some have asked why a trench wasn’t built. The firefighters feel it isn’t a workable thing at this point. The fire a couple of days ago jumped the Athabasca River which is one of the largest rivers in Alberta, 1 kilometer wide where the fire jumped.

Convoys  left from the camps north of Fort McMurray  and had to stop once  because the smoke was so thick.A couple of thousand people are arriving in Edmonton, some  moving further south, staying with friends, at one of the mosques and at Northlands Expo Centre where there is room for about 4,000.

Families from Fort McMurray can get free admittance  to local attractions and will get social assistance from the provincial government.Labatt’s stopped production of beer temporarily and canned thousands of cans of water to give to the evacuees.The Syrian refugees are gathering to donate  some of the things they have received since coming to Canada just a short time ago.Donations are coming from all over the world.But it is going to be a long recovery.

By Sunday, rain is expected.Let us hope.

pictures 387-2.jpg

Results of fire last spring in Jasper National Park.


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