Birds I have seen Recently

Thoroughly enjoy getting out and birding, thanks to friends with cars who have the same interests.These are some that I have seen recently in Central Alberta.This makes me feel happy. Like the movie says, Happy. Thank-you. More please.

Picture 004-2

Sandpiper type- Greater Yellowlegs?


Picture 004-2

Male Red-winged Blackbird

Picture 007-2

Female Mallard

Picture 013-2

Male Mallard

Picture 020-2

Canada Goose

Picture 071-2

American Robin

Picture 023-2

Common Grackle

Picture 033-2

Cedar Waxwing   Picture 040-2

Song Sparrow      Picture 045-2

California Gull

Picture 015-2

House Finches


4 thoughts on “Birds I have seen Recently

  1. It seems the pair of house finches are indeed a pair? One male and one female? I’m guessing by using their head color as a gauge.
    I especially like the song sparrow in the newly budding branches.
    Stay happy.


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