About Fort Mac Fire

I have no photos for this but am writing about the town of Fort McMurray in Alberta in the heart of the oil sands. Yesterday I heard that the wild fire that was burning outside of town was turning away.

This  afternoon I was listening to the radio and heard that the flames were turned into a raging inferno and  a mandatory evacuation of the whole town was in effect.There is one highway in and out of town and the cars were going either north or south taking up all four lanes.

I saw a video that showed the cars leaving the town, with flames right beside the road and smoke totally blacking out visibility. I cannot imagine how terrifying this was.A lot of cars were stranded at the side of the road and passengers were being picked up by other drivers.Traffic is grid-locked. Families are heading north to the various work camps that are not full  of workers, but filling up quickly with the evacuees and to lodges at Fort McKay First Nations, anywhere they can find safety and a place to stay. I heard of  farmers posting signs along the highway saying”Our home is yours. Come and stay.”

The wild fire has burned down some of the neighbourhoods already.Tomorrow’s forecast predicts more high winds and temperatures in the 30’s. Extra fire crews are being sent north to help.This is truly devastating.I know our prayers are with them as well as other places in the globe that are suffering from earthquakes, fires and floods.


2 thoughts on “About Fort Mac Fire

  1. Amazingly, we are just now getting signs of smoke in the city, although the smoke has traveled as far as Florida.We are 5 hours south so no worries, however the whole province is bone dry and under a fire ban and new fires could start anytime.Ten thousnd people who were in the camps to the north are coming south in convoys. Some to Edmonton. They had to evacuate one of the towns that was an evacuation centre-it is now burning.


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