Interesting Sculptures

Outside of Edmonton by the riverbank of the North Saskatchewan an artist from Japan did a a series of natural sculptures from twigs and logs. Intrigued by an article in the local newspaper, my friend invited me to see this spectacle. It was interesting, at first difficult to find but we had help from a young man in the neighbourhood who took us directly to the site.

The intent is to keep it natural and be on display “forever” until it dissolves back to the earth. I enjoyed the adventure of looking for the instalments and going in the woods but had to pass on the pieces that were further down the steep incline..

Picture 008-2

Picture 016-2

Picture 012-2


One thought on “Interesting Sculptures

  1. Love this sort of sculpture…natural, bio-degradable, and earthy.
    I’ve been known to collect tree stumps (after I ask the land-owners) and arrange them around my gardens. I miss my gardens.
    So glad you’re getting out and about AND holding back when you’ve become fatigued.
    Sounds like you’re on the mend.

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