Sending Light and Love

I walked into the hospital room last Sunday to visit my friend..the bed was empty and the room cleared. Oh no…after finding the nurse I told her who I was coming to see.

“Doug’s left.”

I asked for clarity, “What do you mean he’s left, has he been transferred or has he died?”

“He passed away last Thursday.”


Doug was my friend for a long time, had been completely bed-ridden for the past year with cancer.Yes, I am sad he is gone yet glad that he is free.Funny, all of us knew he was dying  but he just persevered so we were surprised when he died.

He always thought of me as a spiritual sister, so we often greeted each other with “hi sis” and “hi bro”.We had many deep, interesting conversations over the years. It was an honour to be his “sis” for those years and I suppose I always will be. I am good with that.

The same evening  that I had gone to the hospital, I went on an outing with the Camera Club to Luminaria where lanterns lit the walks in a Japanese garden.Women dressed as sprites wandered around the gardens and it was truly a magical evening. I discovered a “Memorial Lane” where people would  be led by a volunteer with a lantern to a path where we could choose a pot to light a candle in a loved one’s took hold of the opportunity and lit a candle for my deceased friend, exclaiming, “Isn’t it beautiful , Doug?! Sending you love and light, bro! You’re Free!”


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