Pileated Heaven

I have felt envious when I heard about others’ reports about seeing Pileated Woodpeckers and while I have heard them or seen them flying at a distance, have not got any images for well over a year.

At the local park after a rather uneventful birding walk, (sorry, Chickadees) I heard the calls. And knocking. Loud knocking. I got my equipment out of the trunk and walked over to a tree near the trail and saw it…a Pileated Woodpecker! I also heard another one calling nearby.

I took photos, admittedly not so good, of the one in front of and high above me.It flew away and I was going back to my car for the second time when I noticed  the one that flew away plus another.  I took photos and tried to maneuvor through thorny bushes for alternate views, but that was difficult. With my ISO turned up to 1600 and aperture up 2/3  I managed to get some decent shots despite the sky blowing out. The other issue was trying to get a shot when the bird paused, because when it is banging at the wood it’s head is moving fast and get motion blur. One was deeper in the woods, a female and I thought at one point I was observing two males.Whatever, my hopes were satisified.If you click on one of the photos , a slideshow will open.


4 thoughts on “Pileated Heaven

  1. In terms of color composition, I like the red of the berries and fuzzy berries framing the bird and supporting the red in the bird’s beak…the presence of holes seen in the areas where the woodpecker is doing his thing shows those woodpeckers must frequent that tree quite often!
    I like that you went with the flow and grabbed your equipment from the trunk of your car and snapped a few to satisfy your need to shoot…cool.


    1. When I painted I liked to repeat the colours in the picture frame, so was pleased with that part of the photo, just too many branches in the way and out of focus.It was important to me, snapped almost 80 but worth it to capture the head being still-and worth staying in my pj’s nursing a cold today.Thanks for your comments, Laura.


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