Animals in the Park

I enjoy seeing wildlife in the National Parks or anywhere for that matter, although when I don’t, I remind myself that is is one less stressor to the animals.

When I was last in Jasper in October, I stopped while a herd of Rocky Mountain Sheep crossed the road and did not take photos. The next time that I encountered a similar situation I pulled right over to the side of the road, not wanting to separate the herd and aimed my lens at the  female with a young one right in front of me and I took a couple of shots.

I stayed where I was and rolled down my window to photograph them on the other side of the road where they had crossed to. All of a sudden the group took off at a run and I noticed a couple of rams were chasing them , herding them to a different spot.It happened quickly  and I was happy that I wasn’t on the same side of the road and able to take a couple of images. Pretty exciting but I knew that they knew of my presence and it shows in the photos. It reminded me to be respectful by keeping a good distance then move on.



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