The Burn

Up on Maligne Lake road is evidence of the burn that took place earlier this year.At the time I was worried about Medicine Lake being in the line of the forest fire that started at Excelsior Creek as a result of a Lightning Strike. It was . In fact a lot of the area around the fmailiar parking lot and viewing point was burned up with a few surviving hardy Aspens and Spruce trees.

pictures 314-3

pictures 324-2Life goes on .. People are back, bears have been spotted as have the Rocky Mountain Sheep.

pictures 393-2

I was worried for the welfare of the young  in the eagle’s nest . But I saw a photo of the scene after the fire with the nest still intact, the tree a little burnt and the eaglet was in the nest. Amazing! In this photo the eagles are long gone and the nest a lot smaller so it remains to be seen if they return to this spot next year.

pictures 456


2 thoughts on “The Burn

  1. Looks like a stand of beetle ravaged lodgepole pines…the good news on this is that after the fires, their cones open up and offer a new crop of trees.
    Seen lots of this type of scenario in CO over the years and it always looks gruesome. 😦


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